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Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple

December 4th


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To access all the blog posts, please click on the button below. (The first three blogs are on the subject of fasting, which is also handled by a video - click on the second link - on the nutritional aspects with Sr. Vassa and Clinical Nutritionist Denise Canellos):

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Monastic Life
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The Monastic Life

The Life of St. Paisios and Sr. Vassa talks to Abbess Evfrosinia- see videos below. There is more information at these links: on St. Sophrony of Essex and a link to the prayers of the Church, which are available to us in our daily lives.

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'The Great Return' video: This features Archimandrite Philip of the Monastery of St. Antony and St. Cuthbert. 
View the Parish Gallery for pictures of the parish visit to the Monastery of St. Anthony and St. Cuthbert (see below).

In the UK:

Monastery of St. Anthony & St. Cuthbert, Shropshire

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Livestreaming on the Youtube Channel of Archimandrite Philip. Antiochian jurisdiction. 

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Virtual Monastery Tours

Monasteries in Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Russia, the USA and Lebanon: please scroll through for video links!

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Holy Dormition St. Nicholas St. Basil Monastery, Ukraine

Presented by Fr. Tikohn (Vasilyev)

News & Views


 Repose of Archpriest Raphael Armour

July 25, 2023

Father Raphael, founder priest of our parish, has reposed in the Lord. Memory eternal!


A Brief Word on Halloween from Bishop Irenei, as to Whether Orthodox Christians Ought to Participate


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Repose of Metropolitan Kallistos

24 August 2022

Memory Eternal!


Statement from His Beatitude Onufriy, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

March 2022

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the Church of the Ukrainian people. It unites believers in the East and West, North and South of our country. It consists of people of different nationalities and different political persuasions. But we are all one in Christ. For more than 1000 years of its existence, our Church has always been and remains with its people.
Today, our country is going through a time of difficult trials caused by the attack on our country by the troops of the Russian Federation. In all the churches and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, fervent prayers for the speedy coming of peace and an end to bloodshed do not stop. We consistently call for the peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue. War is the most terrible sin that exists in this world. It makes you look at another person not as an image of God, but as an enemy that needs to be destroyed. Therefore, there is no excuse for those who start wars.
Unfortunately, during these few days, a large number of civilians died, among them - the elderly, women and children; humanitarian infrastructure was destroyed - hospitals, maternity hospitals, schools, orphanages; and the survivors are forced to leave their homes and even the country to save their lives, becoming refugees and migrants.
In this regard, in order to prevent even greater victims and suffering of our people, we appeal to everyone on whom it depends to provide real humanitarian corridors for the urgent evacuation of civilians from settlements located in the line of fire and guarantee their safety.
Due to the hostilities, some Ukrainian servicemen, fulfilling their oath and duty to defend the Motherland, unfortunately, were wounded or captured. Therefore, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, taking care of its fellow citizens, asks to show human compassion and Christian mercy, organize the extradition of the wounded and carry out the exchange of prisoners of war.
We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Most Pure Mother, will preserve our country and its God-loving people, and give us the long-awaited peace.



Repose of George Bebawi

4 February 2021



Repose of Metropolitan Philaret

(of Belarus), 12 Jan 2021



Repose of Patriarch Irinej

(of Serbia), 20 Nov 20


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 Virtual Visits to Saints and Holy Places

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St. Nicholas of Myra and Bari, Italy

Presented by Fr. Stephen


Summer 2020

Altar and iconostasis preserved in Beirut blast - see below. 

Statement concerning Hagia Sophia - see below.  

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A series of talks by Bishop Irenei of ROCOR Western Europe

1. Learning from St. Nicholas, 22.05.20
2. How do I acquire a peaceful heart? 29.05.20
3. Christian obedience, 01.06.20
4. 'Apostolicity', 15.06.20
5. 'What is truth? Keeping true faith in a world or forgetting', 22.06.20

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